In truth, no one should have to say the things I’m getting ready to say. It shouldn’t be necessary. How did America fall so low that telling people we shouldn’t elect a criminal as our president would become necessary? Because I feel we all need to stand up during this time in our nation’s history, I’m going to attempt to answer my own question.

First of all, people in this country began to turn away from God. And without God, we started to forget who we were. Families started falling apart because we rejected God’s plan for marriage and family. Now we’re trying to deal with confused men and women who have lost their identity. The fallout is catastrophic.

In this environment we have women who will vote for a corrupt person to lead this country simply because she’s a woman. We elected a black man as president simply because he was black. These are not reasons to vote for…anyone! The results have been devastating. Our country has been torn apart by failed liberal agendas that have moved us even farther from God.

For a moment I want to speak to my black brothers and sisters. And yes, we are family. Why do we have a division? Why can’t we just be Nancy and John and Martha and William and Pat? Who has decided we must be “black” or “white?” It’s ridiculous, and it needs to stop. Our identity shouldn’t be based on the color of our skin, but as Dr. King said, the content of our character.

Secondly, and I say this with kindness, you’ve been sold a bill of goods and you need to wake up. The Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep blacks under slavery. The Republicans fought to right this terrible injustice. Civil rights? The Republicans marched beside Dr. King and others. The Democrats resisted. It’s pretty clear, huh? So what changed? It began to go the wrong way under LBJ. Seeing that the Democrats weren’t getting the black vote, he decided it was time to buy their allegiance. His idea was to give the black population things to woo them. And sadly, it worked. Or so it seems. The truth? Giving anyone things they haven’t earned cripples them. People must work to achieve success. It’s what makes them feel worthwhile. Giving people money, housing, advantages over others when applying for college, etc., makes people feel they’re not good enough to make it without assistance. It makes them frustrated and angry. It needs to stop. Everyone should have a fair chance to succeed – but nothing more than that. 

On other thing. So you’re ready to walk into the voting booth and vote for Hillary? Hmmmm. Did you know that one of her heroes is Margaret Sanger? The founder of Planned Parenthood? And did you know that the reason she founded PP was to get rid of black babies? To decrease the black population? Uh, yeah. Look it up. And btw, it’s working. Most abortions happen to black babies. And you want to support this? Really?

Again…you’ve been lied to and used. Time to face some truth before it’s too late.

Oh, and btw. Police are not running around killing black people. It’s a lie perpetrated and paid for by a very evil man, George Soros, who wants to put Hillary in the White House for his own sick reasons. Democratic mayors and governors have tied the hands of the police so they can’t deal with criminals. Black people are dying in numbers unheard of under Republican politicians. And your president stands by and allows it to happen.

Moving on…

Let’s talk about Hillary. As evil a human being as ever walked the earth. According to her, it’s okay to kill a baby seconds before it’s born. That’s full term, folks. And she’s said that the government should have first say in the way you raise your children. Uh, yeah. Oh, and let’s not forget her running mate, who will probably be president if Hillary is elected since she’s on her way to jail. Kaine says the church will have to change what it believes to line up with the liberal agenda. Yes, he said it. So Christians, under a Hillary/Kaine presidency, your rights to believe and practice God’s word is at risk. Big risk.

Moving onto globalization. What does this mean? It means exactly what Revelation talks about. One world government. The loss of America. How will this be achieved? Open borders, loss of rights whether it’s the right to own a gun, to speak your mind, to worship the way you want, to refuse to do business with people or concepts you disagree with, to teach your children the way you want… The list goes on and on. Putting a Democrat in office means big government telling you what to do. You know, like Obamacare? A great success, huh? Oh, yeah. Not so much. Well, it will only get worse under Hillary/Kaine.

We need to wake up. The president of the United States is supposed to uphold our laws, but our current president supports the influx of illegal aliens into our country. If we need to make it easier to become a citizen, we need to do that through legal means. Change the laws. This is simple – or it should be. But Obama encourages lawbreakers – and U.S. citizens are paying for it in taxes to support these people who ignore the laws of our land through loss of jobs, and even loss of life since we’re not vetting these illegal visitors. Criminals are coming into America, dangerous cartels, the worst of the worst, because we have a president who simply doesn’t care. And Hillary? She wants to bring Muslim refugees into this country in a flood even though the CIA has clearly said that terrorists are getting in. Under a Hillary presidency, innocent people will die. She already has a trail of bodies behind her. Why would we allow her to create more? We’re learning that the woman has ties to countries that support ISIS! This alone should disqualify her from becoming president! And btw….check out Germany and France. Bringing in unvetted refugees is working really well there…not. Citizens are in revolt because many of these refugees are not only terrorists, but they’re insisting countries change their laws and beliefs to line up with the false religion of Islam. When someone asks to become part of a country, they should be ready and willing to assimilate – not try to take over! Hillary will not only put us in this position, I believe she is ready and willing to capitulate to the demands of Islam! She has received donations from groups associated with terrorism! Have we really forgotten 9/11?

Now let’s look at how this woman sees those who disagree with her. We are deplorable, unredeemable, dark, dangerous, rednecks… The list goes on and on. To my friends who call themselves Democrats… Is this really how you see us? How you see members of your family who are supportive of Trump? Do you really think we need a president who sees us in this light? This alone should give you pause. A president should represent everyone. Not just those who vote for her.

The other thing that should make you reluctant to support her is her invasive and constant criminal activity. The Clinton Foundation is as corrupt as it gets. We’re seeing proof of this through WikiLeaks. This woman has put our country at great risk – and then lied about it. She cost four good Americans their lives in Benghazi – and lied about it. She is a consummate liar and as twisted as any human being can be. Do we want a woman president? Yes, someday, that would be great. Someone like Margaret Thatcher, a great leader. But Hillary Clinton? No! Not this woman! Please listen as more and more comes out about her corruption, her lies, and her manipulation. Where is your pride? Your sense of justice? We need some “Mr. Smiths” who realize that the Democratic party has been devastated by fraud and lies. We need Democrats who won’t stand for anymore of the poison poured into the party through the Clintons. Who are willing to stand up and say “No more!” Who believe that physically attacking Trump supporters, trashing their cars, damaging Republican election offices, stealing yard signs…and worst of all…trying to steal votes, a sacred right in this country, is something that should be condemned in the harshest way. If you can’t do it for your Republican friends and neighbors, do it for yourself. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Finally, let’s talk about Donald Trump. A man whose only goal is to save this country. He doesn’t need the presidency. He didn’t need to take all this abuse. He doesn’t plan to take a salary as president, and he is already successful so he has nothing personal to gain. He has all the power he needs. But years ago he realized what was happening to America, and he wanted to help. To help our country. Has he been a perfect man? No. But my Christian friends need to realize we’re not electing a pastor. We’re electing a president. Do you think the Clintons are model citizens???? Yikes. They’re long time criminals, breaking laws and getting away with it for years. Taking a line from “Everybody Loves Raymond,” if Donald Trump set an orphanage on fire on Christmas day, he wouldn’t be as bad as Hillary Clinton! Besides, Mr. Trump recently prayed to receive Christ as his savior. So, as Christians our responsibility is to welcome him as a brother, forgive him for his past, and help him to become the man God has created him to be.

I believe with all my heart that Donald Trump is God’s man for his hour. He is the bull in the china shop that will help to break down the corruption that has taken over our political system. No matter what you think of him, he is pro-life and plans to work at overturning Roe vs Wade, will repeal the disaster that is Obamacare, will fight to set term limits in Congress (something long needed), he will give us school choice, and work to make our Supreme Court fair and just again. He will give our LEOs the power to fight crime and will stop the war on police. Police departments across the country are praying he will win the presidency because they know under Hillary crime will get worse and the police will continue to be vilified. Please know this: Hillary is for sale and has been for years. She won’t change as president. Your needs aren’t important to her. She cares about one person. Herself. If she wins, we all lose. And that applies to your children and your grandchildren. Is it worth it to have a woman president? The answer is no. God, no.

Please understand that I don’t believe Donald Trump is the answer to America’s problems. The only answer is God. But Trump is willing to open the door to God. Hillary Clinton plans to slam that door shut. We can’t stand by and allow that to happen. PLEASE lose your “holier than thou” mentality and vote to save our nation.  Please vote on November 8th. And vote for Donald Trump.

Thank you. 

Nancy Mehl


Evelyn said...

Well said! Thank you.

So glad you felt you could not remain silent, and chose not to follow your close advisors' advice!

I too have been feeling like I needed to share why I'm voting for Trump, which are similar to your own. It won't be as well written as your post, but perhaps it will too will get some to think. I hope to post that today.

I too grieve for our country and what we've become. And continuing to pray for Truth to be revealed AND ACCEPTED, and for a 2 Chronicles 7:14 repentance of today's church. Praying for Americal...

margie said...

Good for you, Nancy!!! Well don!!!

Robin Bayne said...

Agree, well done! And as they say, "Your lips to God's ears...."

Terry Tucker said...

Very well said. Yes, we need to stand up for our religeous rights, pro-choice, right to bear arms, and cleaning up America. I have been ashamed of America with the democrats in office. We need to bond together and vote for Trump. No, he isn't perfect. but his beleifs and values line up with me.
Thanks Nancy for battling head first the very valuable information you shared.
God Bless.

Maine Grandma said...

Oh Bless your heart for standing up and having your say. A friend sent this blog to me and I have yet to thank her but thank her I will. She told me that I would love this piece because it's just like I said it.
When the started taking God out of schools and cow towing to illegals and people who didn't like the way we do things here I for one say, "If you don't like it and want to change it to what your came from PLEASE Go BACK". This is my country and I love it was it is. What we need is GOD back

Dana Pratola said...

Preach it, Sister. I agree 100% <3

Bruce Brady said...

Well said, Nancy.

Connie said...

Nancy, I come from a long line of Democrats and I am still a registered Democrat BUT I am first and foremost a Christian and that is who I am voting for. I want God to once again be loved, respected, and reverred by the people of the United States of America. Thank you for your very insightful and inspiring post.

Mary Gessner said...

Whew!!! You didn't hold back, but that's good! EXCELLENT! Very well said. I admire your chutzpah! WARRIOR Princess (because you're a daughter of the King! You go, girl! :) <3

Mary Gessner said...

Whew!!! You didn't hold back, but that's good! EXCELLENT! Very well said. I admire your chutzpah! WARRIOR Princess (because you're a daughter of the King! You go, girl! :) <3