Hope you’re having a great summer! It’s getting warmer in Missouri, but we’ve also had quite a bit of rain. Right now it’s just muggy. Not very enjoyable.

Aidan, my grandson, is growing by leaps and bounds. Diagnosed with a lazy eye, he’s wearing glasses now to correct the problem. His glasses make him look like a little professor. The other day, my son and daughter-in-law decided he looked liked John Hammond from Jurassic Park. What do you think?


GATHERING SHADOWS released on May 6th. Reviews have been wonderful.


Mehl writes a fun, fast-paced tale of romantic suspense sure to have readers trying to figure out the truth until the very last reveal. The Mennonite background adds character to an already zippy and unique novel.

RT BOOK REVIEWS – Four and ½ Stars!

Mehl has outdone herself with this first installment in the Finding Sanctuary series. The storyline runs smoothly and readers will not be able to put the book down until they uncover the surprises Mehl has written into the story. The kind characters only want to find out the truth, regardless of the brick walls in their way.


"Complete with unexpected twists and suspense, Gathering Shadows will keep the reader guessing even as the plot takes several surprising turns before it unwinds, ultimately demonstrating the impact of forgiveness and the promise of hope."

Hope you have your copy!


Sarah Miller’s parents were murdered when she was a child. Separated from her older sister, Hannah, Sarah was bounced from foster home to foster home. When she turned eighteen she finally settled in Sanctuary, Missouri, thanks to her friend, Janet Dowell. When she and Hannah find each other again, Sarah is thrilled. But her joy is short-lived. Hannah is murdered too and white orchids are left at the scene, just like they were the night her parents died. Sarah begins to wonder if she might be next. Trying to protect her niece, Cicely, while attempting to uncover the identity of the murderer before it’s too late, Sarah unwittingly allows a dangerous man into her life. With the help of a local sheriff’s deputy, Paul Gleason, she works frantically to find the truth since the police don’t believe the killings are connected. Sarah will confront love and death, along with her own inner demons in DEADLY ECHOES.  

Look for DEADLY ECHOES February 2015.


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